Sunday , November 29 2020

#CELEBRATION OF LIFE: Let’s wish him well! Hype man/Reggea DJ and Original Voice of the streets, “Ayibakuro Millions” turns a year older today

Let’s wish him well! Hype man/Promoter/Reggea DJ and Original Voice of the streets, “Ayibakuro Millions” turns a year older today.

The interesting thing about this date is it’s significance to the Xclusivetrace Media co-founder. It is not just @Ayibakuro Millions birthday alone, it is Xclusivetrace Media birthday.

Every soldier, ardent fan and follower of the Ayibakuro Millions programme since it’s commencement exactly a decade into the millennial era, has reason to celebrate, to be thankful, to show gratitude, to hope (or hope again) and to never give up. These are only a few of the characteristics the incredible person of Ayibakuro Millions possesses that continues to endear him to both young and old, great and small.

There’s too many things to look back on and be merry for as the Xclusivetrace Media family, well wishers, friends and fans ushers their gang leader, brother, friend and loved celebrity into his new added year.

Is it the addition of Mztar Assor Blinks to the crew of soldiers in the Xclusivetrace Media fold? Or his new fiance status following the wedding
photographs taken with Port Harcourt finest vixen, model, dancer and comedian which everyone got happy thinking Ayibakuro Millions had already quit bachelorhood but turned out to be just a PHcity shoot? The fact that Ayibakuro Millions was among the best reggae DJ early in the year 2018 that opened the door for others? Or that he is the first to peddle the gospel of indigenous music (in his genre though) on a ‘culture’ music tour across choice cities in Europe?

We’re still in the first quarter of the year 2020, and while some other of our icons in music are still settling into the vibe, we can count a good number of check-up games Ayibakuro Millions has already played. It is achievements like these that further heightens our expectation on his promise to keep delivering back-to-back.

Again, one (promise) that he is yet to default on. Thus, it is in this same mood of winning, as our hearts resonate with jocundly that I enjoin us all to take a cue and say…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ayibakuro Millions this will not be your last Birthday. #Ayibakuro #Millions #AyibakuroMillion

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